Risk Factors

Here are some factors that are thought to increase your risk of developing prostate cancer.

Risk Factors


Although the exact cause of prostate cancer is unknown, there are certain aspects of life that may increase your chance of having prostate cancer or developing a more aggressive form of the disease. These include:

Prostate cancer occurs more often in older men. After the age of 50, your risk is rapidly increased. Below the age of 45, prostate cancer is rare.

Family history
Genetic predisposition may increase prostate cancer risk. Men who have a first-degree relative (father or brother) with prostate cancer have twice the risk of developing the disease, and those with two first-degree relatives affected have a fivefold greater risk compared to men with no family history.

Having a healthy lifestyle can reduce your chance of developing many diseases. It’s been shown that a high fat intake (too much fast, snack or fried food, and baked goods), a high red meat intake (more than 300 grams of meat 4 times a week or more), and a diet low in vegetables is linked to a greater chance of having
prostate cancer.

Alcohol intake
Having more than 2 standard sized alcoholic drinks per day is another risk factor for prostate cancer. A standard drink is 340ml of beer, 120ml of wine, 25ml of spirits or 50ml of sherry.

Other lifestyle factors
Obesity, lack of physical exercise and smoking increase chances of prostate cancer.


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